Talking Meditation with Taekwondo Life

Talking Meditation
Talking Meditation

May 04, 2020 (NYC)– Talking Meditation is the theme of episode 62 of our weekly podcast.  Mediation is an essential part of any Taekwondo and wellness program; however, most Taekwondo practitioners do not fully practice it.   There are multiple types of meditation, including breathing, visualization, and Transcendental Meditation. 

In this episode, Marc Zirogiannis, host of Taekwondo Life Magazine and author of The Beginner’s Guide To Meditation, explores these types of meditation.   He outlines the benefits of regular meditation and leads you into the best practices for a successful session.  The listeners get a guided walk through an abbreviated   Mantra Meditation session.  Additionally, some quintessential works on the subject are explored, including the works of Bob Roth, Russell Simmons, and Rhonda Byrne.  Whether you have never tried meditation, or are a seasoned professional, there is something for you in this episode.

This episode contains, not only a discussion of the types of meditations, but an actual walk through a sample meditation.  Tip: After listening once you may wish to go back and listen to the guided meditation again as you get started on your meditation journey.

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