Bleav in Chakra Meditatio

Bleav in Chakra Meditation

Bleav in Chakra Meditatio
Bleav in Chakra Meditatio

April 12, 2021Bleav in Chakra Meditation. In this week’s program we take a look at Chakra Meditation. In May of 2021 Taekwondo Life Magazine did an introductory program on the benefits of meditation for Taekwondo practitioners. In that episode we outlined some of the different types of meditation programs that exist.

In this episode Marc Zirogiannis takes a deep dive into a specific type of meditation; Chakra Meditation. This type of meditation focuses on the various Chakra points of the human body and explores their function, their relationship to energy fields, and their purpose.

The episode concludes with a simple guided Chakra Meditation. You may wish to listen to the second half of this episode in comfortable clothes, sitting in lotus position, in the comfort of your own home. The guided meditation portion of this episode is also available on our YouTube Channel.

The music used to accompany the guided meditation is “Meditation” by StepanBel licensed from Envato under a Music Standard License (29884407).

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