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The Taekwondo Photo Shared Around the World

The Taekwondo Photo Shared Around The World
The Taekwondo Photo Shared Around The World

February 28, 2022 (NYC)-The Taekwondo Photo Shared Around The World.  As international unrest captivated the entire world this week one photograph transcended the violence and military engagement as Russia entered the Ukraine. That photo showed a Russian Taekwondo Athlete sitting with a Ukrainian Taekwondo athlete in the spirit of competition and harmony. This photograph depicts the best of Taekwondo and the best of all of us.  Two athletes.   Two men of Taekwondo whose art transcends politics, religion, and geographic boundaries.  Practiced in 211 jurisdictions, Taekwondo is the most practiced martial art in the world, and through it, practitioners can band together to make the world a better place.

In this week’s episode of Taekwondo Life Magazine weekly, host and Editor, Marc Zirogiannis, discusses this photograph and others. He discusses the statement released by The Ukrainian Taekwondo Federation in the wake of the invasion and the IOC’s response to Russia’s violation of the Olympic Charter by engaging in a conflict while the Beijing Paralympics have not even taken place yet.

Zirogiannis reads the UTF statement and discusses his hope that sport can transcend the geo-political and military differences of fighting nations. 

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