BLEAV in Tae Kwon Dog With Diane DiRoberto

BLEAV in Tae Kwon Dog With Diane DiRoberto

BLEAV in Tae Kwon Dog With Diane DiRoberto
BLEAV in Tae Kwon Dog With Diane DiRoberto

February 17, 2022 (NYC)BLEAV in Tae Kwon Dog With Diane DiRoberto.  Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within is a terrific Children’s book (6-10 yr olds) which merges a love of the world’s most practiced martial art and a love of mankind’s best friend. Marc Zirogiannis, Editor-in-Chief, talks with the author, Diane DiRoberto, about her Taekwondo background, how this project came about, and the lessons she hopes to teach with this project. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations by Susan Szecsi.

TAE KWON DOG – The Power Within Tae Kwon Dog breaks boulders with his bare paws, spins out of sight in thin air, empowers the weak and timid to face their fears, and makes bullies shake and run. Some call him a martial arts superhero, others think he possesses some magical power. But this once scruffy pup turned canine black belt knows his most awesome secret power isn’t magical at all. And anybody can have it if they dare to believe. Do you dare?

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About the Author of Tae Kwon Dog:

Diane believes a good story is one that is made up of believable and engaging characters. She hopes her Tae Kwon Dog books empower her young readers to be the best version of themselves.

When she isn’t writing inspiring and entertaining stories for kids, Diane is a photographer, longtime copywriter, and published poet. The year of 2020 afforded her the quiet pause to put everything else aside and focus on writing her children’s novel, a dream come to fruition. 

Diane lives in western New York with her dog Ella, a mini dachshund puppy that is her latest inspiration following her original muse Otto, a sleek black-and-tan Miniature Pinscher who was small but fierce, just like Tae Kwon Dog. 


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