Monsour del Rosario is the Pride of The Philippines

Monsour del Rosario
Master Monsour del Rosario (2020)


1_I3JOUHAe-htJENzpTGVt0QMay 11, 2020 (NYC)Monsour del Rosario is the Pride of The Philippines.  He is a former 1988 Olympic Medal Winner and Kukkiwon trained Master of Taekwondo.  Master Monsour is also a respected political leader, a movie star, and human rights advocate.  He came to the attention ofTaekwondo Life Magazinewhen we screened his award winning Sci-Fi, martial arts action film Blood Hunters: Rise of The Hybrids (Trending on Amazon Prime at the time of this Publication).   What we discovered was that he is the most respected and visible Taekwondo practitioner to ever emerge from the Philippines.  He talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his Taekwondo journey, his film career, his rise in politics, and his current volunteer work helping health care workers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Monsour is a gifted martial arts Master and Renaissance Man.  He was a member of the Philippine National Taekwondo team.  He is the Philippine Taekwondo Association Secretary General.  Master Del Rosario has become an important friend of Taekwondo Life Magazine and we expect to utilize his experience and perspective to report further on Taekwondo Life in Southeast Asia. 

Master del Rosario’s humility transcends his fame and acclaim as one of the most recognized faces in Southeast Asian martial arts and entertainment.

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