Taekwondo Kicks Corona

Taekwondo Kicks Corona Makes History

Taekwondo Kicks Corona
Taekwondo Kicks Corona

May 2, 2020–  Earlier today Taekwondo Kicks Corona made history as it hosted the world Largest Online Taekwondo class for Free.  The proceeds ($7,700.00 as of the time of this posting)  go to help frontline workers fight Coronavirus.

The event was hosted by former Canadian National Team member, 2020 Armor Founder, and former Taekwondo Life Magazine Guest, Ali Ghafour.  Warm-ups were conducted by strength and conditioning coach, Tim Thackery.  Poomsae sessions were conducted by US  National team members, Johnny Nguyen and Claire Kim.  Sparring Sessions were lead by #1 ranked Yvette Yong, and US Olympian, Stephen Lambdin.

This historic class was for students, white belts to high performance black belts (and their parents).

The event helped demonstrate the power of the collective Taekwondo community to be a force for positive change in the world; the mission of true martial artists.

To Donate to this great cause even after the event:


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