Master Ali Ghafour

Master Ali Ghafour’s 20/20 Vision

Master Ali Ghafour
Master Ali Ghafour

Master Ali Ghafour is a 4 time Canadian National Taekwondo Team member, 2008 Olympic hopeful, entrepreneur, and CEO of 20/20 Armor.  After being in and around the competitive Taekwondo arena since the age of 13 Master Ghafour has now embarked on a journey to raise the level of credibility and visibility of competitive sparring.  Through the implementation of his “easy to use” electronic sparring equipment he is speaking to athlete’s in the language of today’s youth; the language of video gaming.   This is Master Ali Ghafour’s 20/20 Vision for Taekwondo.

He is speaking the language of this generation in helping make Taekwondo scoring easy to understand for the athlete and the spectator.  His unique Taekwondo Hogu has a series of easy to program features for training and competition.

Master Ghafour’s mission “was to build a piece of martial arts equipment to preserve the competitive tradition that made them and create a path for the next generation of martial artists to have opportunities they’d never been offered before. He wanted everyone who loved martial arts to be able to, “Enjoy The Fight.”’ (from 20/20 Armor’s Website)

In his interview with Marc Zirogiannis, Master Ghafour discusses his start in Taekwondo training, his Canadian Taekwondo journey, his current project, and the future of Taekwondo as a professional sport.  Listen as he shares his Master Ali Ghafour’s 20/20 Vision for Taekwondo.

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