Step on the Mat with Ninja Nguyen

Martial Artist and Author, Ninja Nguyen (l), with his wife
Martial Artist and Author, Ninja Nguyen (l), with his wife

Step on the Mat is the new book by martial Artist, author, and family man, Ninja Nguyen (pronounced “Wynn”).  Ninja joins Taekwondo Life Magazine’s host, Marc Zirogiannis, for a frank discussion of his life and training, as well as his recent book release.

Ninja Nguyen was born in Vietnam and fled to the United States during the height of the Vietnam Conflict.  While he studied fighting it was not until the birth of first child that he truly began the path to becoming a martial artist.

Step on the Mat-CoverNow with the release of his new book by Lioncrest Publications, Step on the Mat: Life Lessons of a Ninja, he provides martial artist and lay people strategies for achieving success and happiness in your life.

Listen to this episode and read Ninja’s book to hear the remarkable story of this man’s transition from “bad boy” to role model using the martial arts.

He currently trains over 500 students in his Dojang in Boston, Mass.  His book, interview, all are infused with his positive spirit and message.


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