Movie Review: Avengement (2019)


You see the body can be strengthened to a degree, but it’s the mind that makes you impervious to defeat”- Cain Burgess in Avengement (2019)

Movie Review- Avengement:   Avengement is a 2019 brutal action film starring Taekwondo practitioner, Scott Adkins.  Adkins, who continues to avoid speaking with Taekwondo Life Magazine, (See Scott Adkins Won’t Talk to TKD Life Magazine?) teams up with Director and writer Jesse V. Johnson, for a violent film about the oldest martial arts movie theme, revenge.

I keep emphasizing how brutal the film is because I want to be clear it is not for the squeamish, but that is not to take away from its salient features.   The film works and is very watchable.

Johnson and Adkins, who have teamed before on a series of projects, including Triple Threat (2019), seem to have found their stride in this collaboration.   It is well scripted, well acted, and well fight-choreographed.   The film is fast paced and engaging and allows Adkins to display his acting, as well as his fighting acumen.  The supporting cast does a great job in spotlighting Adkins’ performance.   Unlike the ensemble cast featured in Triple Threat, this one is all Adkins.

The film centers around a small time heist by Adkins gone bad.  He is sent to a maximum security prison where, for reasons unbeknownst to him, he suffers a series of near death attacks.  Once he discovers the choreographer of this brutality he sets out to seek his own form of justice.

While this film is not for everyone, I still highly recommend it for loves or bare knuckles martial arts action films.

-Marc A. Zirogiannis

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