Scott Adkins Won’t Talk to TKD Life Magazine?

Adkins Won't Talk to TKD Life
Scott Adkins Won’t Talk to TKD Life

August 2, 2019 (NYC)-  I think Scott Adkins is avoiding me.  Scott Adkins is one of the leading martial arts action stars on the scene today.   He happens to have a solid training foundation in the art of Taekwondo.   He is also a  skilled martial artist and fighter.  His latest film, Avengement, from Samuel Goldwyn Films, has been met with great reviews.

Scott Adkins is a perfect candidate for an interview with Taekwondo Life Magazine.  Perfect, but for one thing, he will not speak with us.

As Editor-in-Chief and Podcast host I have reached out in a multiple of ways.  I have emailed him.  I have filled out the contact form on his website.   I have contacted him publicly and privately through Social Media.   I have written to Samuel Goldwyn Films.  All to no avail.   No response whatsoever. But Why?

Perhaps our Print and digital magazine audience, with our podcast, is not large enough; only reaching 25,0000 active martial arts subscribers, in only 144 countries.   Maybe the fact that the United Kingdom is only 3rd on the list of engaged users on our website and social media makes communicating with our audience unimportant. Possibly, the praise we have received internationally for the high standards we set for the content we publish is not enough to meet Scott’s personal threshold for participation.  I am quite confused. Why won’t Scott Adkins talk to TKD Life?

While I do not know what the issue is, I do know we have not done anything, intentionally,  to insult or disparage him in any way.   I also know that our audience always enjoys a thoughtful conversation with real martial artists that transition into film and television.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very tenacious at pursuing guests that can make a meaningful contribution to our platform and listeners.  So, unto that end I will continue to pursue Scott Adkins, while wishing him much success in his career and endeavors.

I am looking forward to catching up with him in the near future.

-Marc Zirogiannis




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