Jesse V. Johnson is a “Triple Threat”

Jesse Johnson is a Triple Threat
Jesse V. Johnson is a Triple Threat

November 18, 2019- Jesse V. Johnson is a martial artist, writer, and Director.   He is a “Triple Threat” of the the action-film genre.  From competitive martial artist to stuntman to action filmmaker he has embarked on a journey to change the way people view martial arts action films.   Together with Scott Adkins, Taekwondo action star, he has combined great scripts, solid stories, and beautiful cinematography with realistic fight scenes to make the next generation of martial arts action films. 

He talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his approach to films and fights and his love of Taekwondo poomsae.   Jesse V. Johnson has laid waste to the notion that low budget has to mean bad film making.  His recent films include Accident Man (2017), Savage Dog (2017), The Debt Collector (2018), Triple Threat(2019), and Avengement (2019).

He has numerous projects in the works, including the much anticipated sequel to The Debt Collector, starring Scott Adkins and  Louis Mandylor  and The Mercenary (2019).

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