Taekwondo Day Celebrated at Citifield

(September 9, 2019, Flushing, NYC)- International Taekwondo Day took place on September 4, 2019.  This date marked marked international recognition by the World Taekwondo Council of the significance of Taekwondo as a worldwide martial art and Olympic sport practiced in almost 200 countries. The date signifies the commemoration of the date in 1994 when The IOC agreed to adopt Taekwondo as a sanctioned Olympic Medal Sport for the 2000 Summer Games.

In NYC on September 8, 2019 the celebrations continued as one of the largest Taekwondo Celebrations in the United States was organized by Grandmaster Yeon Hwan Park, US Olympic Coach, and one of the driving forces behind Olympic recognition.   The YH Park Taekwondo Academy, and six other Taekwondo Dojangs performed Taekwondo Demonstrations on the the ball field at Citifield before the start of Sunday’s NY Mets game against the Philadelphia Phillies.   Videos and photos of the event took on viral proportions in local and social media outlets.

NYC Councilman Eugene Mathieu, a Taekwondo Black Belt, was in attendance for this celebration.

In speaking about the event Grandmaster Park responded to an inquiry about the meaning of “Taekwondo Day”,

“It is with this spirit in mind that we strive to continue this tradition of declaring Taekwondo as a world sport. In New York City we did celebrated Taekwondo Day today 8th at Citifield baseball stadium, and we will develop Taekwondo to insure the continuation of TaeKwonDo’s good reputation and the establishment of a new history of Taekwondo culture.”



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