Learning The Art of Self-Defense with Mindy Kelly

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Mindy Kelly is skilled at the art of self-defense.  She began her martial arts journey at the age of 4.   Her intense love for the martial arts lead her to compete and in and win multiple world martial arts titles.  Her passion for music lead to choreography work in major music videos.  This passion and hard work lead to fight choreography work in major motion pictures.  In 2019 her life’s commitment culminated in her assumption of the role as lead stunt and martial arts fight coordinator on the Riley Stearns black comedy, The Art of Self Defense, starring Jesse Eisenberg.

In Episode 28 of Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Podcast she talks about her career, the subject of toxic masculinity in the martial arts and entertainment business, and her philosophy on life with host, Marc Zirogiannis.  Mindy Kelly is a bright and thoughtful martial artist whose brightest days are ahead of her.

The Official Movie Poster for The Art of Self-Defense

The Art of Self Defense was released in July 2019 from Bleecker Street Media.  To find out more about the read our July 30, 2019 Review:


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