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April 27, 2020 (NYC)– Century Martial Arts’ BOB is probably one of the most iconic and recognizable members of the martial arts community.  He can be found in almost every Taekwondo Dojang in the country; however, what do most practitioners really know about BOB?  Probably, not a lot.  They know him as the stern-faced, pasty,  figure that is always amenable to a roundhouse kick to the head or a punch to the ribs.  But where did he come from? 

The Body Opponent Bag (BOB) was released 40 years ago by the Century Martial Arts Supply company and has changed the way Taekwondo Martial arts practitioners train and prepare for competition.    Taekwondo Life Magazines, Marc Zirogiannis, looks at the genesis of BOB, his history, and his use in this fun episode.  You may never look at BOB the same way again.

Since the recording of this episode the Century Martial Arts company has been devoting much of its resources to producing medical masks to assist first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is a true testament to the spirit of the marital arts community around the world.  We applaud them.   Note:  Century Martial Arts Supplies is not affiliated with Taekwondo Life Magazine and its owners, nor is it a paid sponsor.

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