Stuntman Wadi Jones

The Mind and Body of Wadi Jones (Episode 50)


Stuntman Wadi Jones
Stuntman Wadi Jones

Wadi Jones is a martial artist, professional dancer, stunt person, and instructor at the International Stunt School.  As a younger man he studied Taekwondo, wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu.  For such a young man, at the infancy of his career, he has a great understanding of the integration of mind and body.  He talks with Marc Zirogiannis of Taekwondo Life about the parallels between martial arts and dance, which he used during his time on the hit television show, “So You Think You Can Dance.  Wadi has appeared as a stunt person on such shows as Netflix’s Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  He is a gifted communicator, teacher, and performer.

While honing his skills in front of the camera he is also looking to transition to work behind the camera.  Look for Wadi in the near future behind the scenes producing, directing, and leading fight choreography.  Wadi Jones is on a journey to be his best self and that is contagious.  Wadi Jones’ career is one to watch as he lives his best Taekwondo Life.

Note:   This is the first episode which feature our new theme music, written specifically for Taekwondo Life Magazine

To hear Wadi Jones’ Great Interview on Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Podcast

image1-6To learn more about Wadi Jones:

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Instagram:              @WadiJones


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