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Essay Contest Winner: Nicholas Isaacs

December 13, 2015–  After some delay TaeKwonDo Life Magazine is pleased to announce the winner of the “Why I Love Taekwondo” Essay Contest.

The winner is :  Nicholas Isaacs

All the essays were thoughtful and inspiring.   The top 3 were all terrific and it took the Judges a while to decide but you are all WINNERS.

Special thanks to our panel of Judges:

Manlove 2
Master George Manlove

George Manlove, Sabunym (Tang Soo Do)
Black Bear Tae Kwon Do, University of Maine


50D 2015-09-29 035
Master Edward Park

Master Edward Park, 5th Dan

Jake Gretner, 3rd Dan

Jake Gretner, 3rd Dan Instructor

TaeKwonDo Commercail Stills 1177
Jason Aptekar, 2nd Dan, Certified Instructor

Essay Contest Finalist #3, Sean Chae, Age 9


Sean Chae, Age 9


Why I Like TaeKwonDo

One of the reasons I like TaeKwonDo is because it makes my busy schedule more fun. Also, my dad promised that when I become a black belt he would join TaeKwonDo with me. He was a TaeKwonDo teacher and taught part-time at a small TaeKwonDo summer school. He is a 3rd degree black belt! Even though we are both busy, we are going to try to come as often as we can so we can spend time together doing a sport we both love.

I also love TaeKwonDo because we have the world’s nicest teacher, Master Edward! He adds fun things while training us students. He turns board breaking into competitions and he lets us have sparring matches with other students. I started TaeKwonDo in Levittown but when we moved to Jericho I refused to change TaeKwonDo schools. But it is still a little far, but it is worth it to become a martial artist! All the instructors are AWESOME! I am proud to be a Korean doing a national Korean sport with other Korean and non-Korean teachers and students.


Essay Contest Finalist #2 Cavan McBrien, age 8

Cavan McBrien pic
Cavan McBrien, age 8

November 16, 2015–    I just started Taekwondo and I love it.  I love Taekwondo because it’s fun to kicking combos, blocks, and punches.  Board breaking is really fun!  The first time I broke a wooden board was my yellow belt test.  I was very excited and proud.

My masters are great teachers.  They are strong and kind.  They show respect for everyone.  They also teach us respect for each other and for Taekwondo.  We show respect by bowing-in when we enter the Dojang.  We also show respect by listening and paying attention to the masters.  During lessons we always take time to honor our country by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

I mostly love getting stripes in Taekwondo because it makes me feel happy getting stripes.  It also makes me try harder to get the next belt.  I love Taekwondo because it is fun and it is good for me.

Essay Contest Finalist #1: Nicholas Isaacs, age 11

November 10, 2015-  We were so excited to receive so many great essays for our “Why I Love Tae Kwon Do” writing contest.  Our judges have narrowed the competition down to a few selections.  They will be published, in no particular order, here of the next two weeks and the Grand Prize winner will be announced on the 23rd of November.

To all the participants.  YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

ESSAY FINALIST #1- Nicholas Isaacs, age 11

Nicholas Isaacs and Master Edward Park
Nicholas Isaacs and Master Edward Park

I’m an 11 year old Black Belt about to test for my third stripe towards my second Dan. My parents put me in Y.H.Park TaeKwonDo Academy at age 7 because it seemed like they would teach me many things.

Since I joined TaeKwonDo I’m able to focus better and have more confidence. For example, this year I joined the school newspaper, performed board breaking for the school talent show and was invited to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, because I sent a picture I drew of Abraham Lincoln to President Obama. I even received a personal letter from the President! I would never have accomplished any of these things without the confidence I gained from being a TaeKwonDo student.

TaeKwonDo has given me a closer relationship with my family. After I joined, my mom did and she is now a Black Belt too. I also train with my cousins who are new Blue Belts. It’s taught me how to be a leader and make new friends. My master and grandmaster encourage me to never give up and to always work hard. This is why I love TaeKwonDo!

“Why I Love Tae Kwon Do” Writing Contest FOR KIDS 7-12

Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine Kids Writing Contest
Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine Kids Writing Contest

Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine WRITING CONTEST ($25 Prize):
Eligibility: Children 7-12 years old
Topic: “Why I love Tae Kwon Do”
Format: Written- No more than 200 words
Published: Top 5 Entries will be published on our site with the writer’s photo and name
Winner: Will be Voted on by our Readers.  The winner will receive a $25 Gift Card
When: Submit by November 7, 2015