Chuck Johnson’s Quiet Flame (Episode 49)

Master Chuck Johnson's Quiet Flame Burns Brightly
Master Chuck Johnson’s Quiet Flame Burns Brightly

February 03, 2020– Master Chuck Johnson is a Michigan born Taekwondo Master, international action film actor, and stunt man based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a 2-time state and 2 time national champion.  Master Johnson is one of the official martial arts instructors of the US Embassy in Tokyo.  He holds ranks in Capoeira, Karate, Kobudo, and Judo. He also has experience in boxing, kickboxing, wing chun kung fu, krav maga, hapkido, hanmudo, and Tai Chi. In 2001, Chuck became the intercollegiate Taekwondo champion of Hong Kong.  Chuck also has extensive personal security experience.   He has worked on security teams for everyone from Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, and Taylor Swift to the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia.

Chuck is also a long time martial arts writer, and his writing has been published in Japan Today, Fight Master, and Roda Magazine, among others.

His action career began in 2004 when he was scouted by a talent agency for his martial arts skill and was cast in Godzilla: Final Wars. While on set, he met Japanese action director, Yuji Shimomura.  Shortly after he began his study of East Asian style fight choreography under Shimomura’s tutelage along with action directors, Go Ohara, and Kiyokazu Tanaka. In 2005, he began to study Method Acting under acting coach Shelley Mitchell, as he rounded out his journey to becoming an action film star.

Master Johnson talks to Taekwondo Life Magazine’s, Marc Zirogiannis, about his life and career and his Quiet Flame Productions.  Chuck trains and manages the Quiet Flame Stunt Team, Japan’s only native English speaking stunt team.  

Where does the Master Johnson’s Quiet Flame moniker come from?  “A fire can cook your food, or burn your house down,” as Mike Tyson is famous for saying.  How you control that flame makes all the difference.  Chuck’s mastery of the martial arts has helped him to live a life controlling, and teaching others how to, control the flame.


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Master Chuck Johnson's Flying Kicks
Master Chuck Johnson’s Flying Kicks

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