Lauren Mary Kim- Interview

Lauren Mary Kim

August 24, 2020 (NYC)- Lauren Mary Kim is a martial artist, dancer, stunt person, and motion capture artist.   After earning her Taekwondo Black Belt she went on to study Wushu, Kali, weapons, and more, as she emerged as an esteemed Hollywood martial arts stunt and action star.   In this interview with Taekwondo Life Magazines Marc Zirogiannis she talks about her work with Jackie Chan, Michael Jai White, Iko Uwais and the top martial artists in the entertainment today.   

Lauren Mary Kim is one of the hardest working and most visible people on the action scene today.  Whether it is in Marvel’s Daredevil, or The Mandalorian, you can find Lauren’s work prominently featured.  She has recently expanded her visibility with the production of some high end video productions such as You Tube’s “Kali Diaries”.  (Look for Episode #10 featuring Taekwondo). 

Lauren Mary Kim is a person to watch now, and as the Pandemic subsides, as she gets back to racing cars, slinging swords, and kicking butts.  Lauren is part of a entire series of exciting Taekwondo practitioners Taekwondo Life Magazine has featured over the past several years.


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This great episode of Lauren’s YouTube Series-Kali Diaries 

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