Talking About Nunchi

The Power of Nunchi

August 31, 2020 (NYC)Talking The Power of Nunchi is the topic of this week’s episode.    What is Nunchi?   Korean born and raised people know Nunchi as the art of instantly understanding what people are thinking and feeling, in order to improve your relationships in life. It emphasizes using all your five senses and the all-important sixth sense, as well as speed, and listening twice as much as you speak.  In 2019 Euny Hong introduced the world to The Power of Nunchi with her New York Times’ best selling book, The Power of Nunchi.    Taekwondo Life Magazine’s, Marc Zirogiannis, discusses Hong’s book, The Power of Nunchi, and how this intuitive skill set can help the Taekwondo practitioner in their life, martial arts practice, careers, and, even, their sparring.  This is not a paid endorsement.  

To purchase Euny Hong’s Best Selling book:
The Power of Nunchi

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