Juju Chan – “The Female Bruce Lee”

JuJu_Chan Female Bruce Lee
JuJu Chan -The Female Bruce Lee

August 10, 2010 (NYC)JuJu Chan is “The Female Bruce Lee“, or at least that is what she has come to be called by her international fan base.   Juliana ‘JuJu’ Chan is a Hong Kong-born American actress, martial artist, model, singer, scholar, and writer.  She was also a winner in the Miss Chinatown USA 2009 pageant.  Juju was a member of the Hong Kong National Taekwondo Team and an international medalist and Taekwondo Demonstration Team member.  Parallel to her martial arts and action star pedigree she has developed her skills as an actress.  The two areas have converged to make her a leading martial arts action star in recent years.  

WUA-S1-Promotional-Portrait-ZanIn this episode (#76) she talks during the pandemic with Taekwondo Life Magazine’s, Marc Zirogiannis, about her work in such hits as Scott Adkins Savage Dog, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel, as well as the Netflix martial arts series, Wu Assassins.  Juju Chan is a true mixed martial artist and weapons aficionado and is constantly working to live up to the esteemed nickname she has been given.

She was recently featured in Mike Fury’s best selling book, Life of Action II.   Check out her interview there and some great behind the scenes photographs.

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