Cheryl Lewis In Action

Cheryl Lewis In Action (Episode 52)

Cheryl Lewis In Action
Cheryl Lewis In Action by John Higgins

February 24, 2020- Cheryl Lewis Trains Hard to Win Easy; that is her winning philosophy.  Cheryl is a professional stunt woman, dancer, actor, aerialist, puppeteer and more.  She is a unique, multi-discipline performer.  Because of her desire to learn and master new skills, Cheryl has performed in modern dance companies, in musicals, on cruise ships & live stage shows. She has performed as an aerialist/in-line skater/tumbler/stunt performer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom stage show “Tarzan Rocks”. Cheryl has danced in operas at the Washington National Opera, The New York City Opera and at The Metropolitan Opera. 

Cheryl_Kendo in Japan (1)
Cheryl_Kendo in Japan

Cheryl Lewis is an all around athlete. She has experience in numerous martial arts including Taekwondo, where she trains with Taekwondo Life Magazine former guest, Master Simon Rhee, in Kung fu, where she trains with Sifu David Morizot, in Wushu, Karate, Kendo, and in Kickboxing. She studied for several years during her work and stay in Japan.   She is also experienced in tumbling, wire and harness work, swords, stair and pratt falls, in line skating, and swimming.

Her film credits include I Am Legend (2007), American Gangster (2007), Salt (2010), and Straight Outta Compton (2015)She will be appearing in Wonder Woman 1984 later this year.

Cheryl Lewis is a graduate of host, Marc Zirogiannis’ Alma Mater, Hofstra University.

To hear Cheryl Lewis In Action as she talks to Taekwondo Life Magazine on Episode 52:


Cheryl Lewis_stunts-sword (3) pic by Dario Griffin
Cheryl Lewis Stunts-Sword by Dario Griffin.


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