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content-2Taekwondo For Children-(1993) Autographed by Grandmaster YH Park

The ultimate Reference Guide for Children Interested in the world’s most popular martial art.  Autographed by author, US Olympic Coach, and Taekwondo Grandmaster Yeon Hwan Park.

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Life of Action II- by Mike Fury

Love of Action II is an incredible read ! If you love action films and the performers who create them this is a book for you. Packed with interviews of some of the best physical performers in the modern movie industry and their journeys this book is both educational and inspirational. Mike Fury does it again.”

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Taekwondo DinosaursTaekwondo Dinosaurs-(1993) Autographed by Grandmaster YH Park

-A wonderful illustrated Children’s book introducing them to Taekwondo and good behavior.  Autographed by author, US Olympic Coach, and Taekwondo Grandmaster Yeon Hwan Park.

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The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book

TKD WorkoutTaekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Many of the elements of this 2000 year old, Korean martial art have remained timeless and unchanged through the centuries. However, with the proliferation of Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport, the speed, stamina, and strength required for athletes to compete on a high level has increased greatly. While Dojang practice is invaluable to the modern practitioner, so is the implementation of supplemental workout routines designed to enhance competitive Taekwondo performance. From the leading Taekwondo author in the world today, Marc Zirogiannis, The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book offers a series of routines and exercises designed, specifically, for today’s competitive Taekwondo practitioner. These routines were constructed with the feedback from some of the leading personal and fitness trainers in the world today. Practitioners using these routines will see results!

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Listening to The Masters by Master Ronnie Malina

Listening to the Masters: Insight, Knowledge, and Wisdom from Today’s Martial Arts Masters is a compilation of lessons learned from some of the most knowledgeable martial artists of modern times. When Sensei Ronnie Malina’s martial arts mentor, Grandmaster Ralph Jaschke, was diagnosed with cancer, it became his mission to honor him by creating a book that explores the qualities that transform students into renowned masters. You’ll hear from:

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Vikki Morrow, Jeff BisCamp, Kathy Long, Jon Rister, Jeremy Schmidt, Bohdi Sanders, Mary Baca, Steve Ashcraft, David Nelson, Billy Swinney, Stephen DC Surtees, Raul Vasquez, Ralph Jaschke, Mark Clarite, Ted Gambordella, Keith Dundas, Sky Wood, Melody Johnson, Rick Torres, Jamie Cashion, Don Kerstetter, Kevin Smith, John Barrera, Juan Alcantar, William Rankin, William Alford, Joe Soliz, Mick Moore, David Blevins, and Gary Lee.

Amazing things happen when you sit back and Listen to the Masters.

“This is timeless knowledge, wisdom gained through endless hours of training, philosophies of people whose dedication to the development of these arts know no bounds. Heady stuff indeed. I hope you enjoy this. I did.” Ted Nulty, Award winning and bestselling author of The Locker and Gone Feral.

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One Step with Courage: The Story of My Life from Olympic Gold Medalist to Hollywood Stuntwoman

Dana Hee's One Step With Courage
Dana Hee’s One Step With Courage

Abandoned, kidnapped and abused as a child, Dana Hee grew to be a young woman with no self-confidence or self-esteem. She even ended up on the streets all alone. Yet, in an inspirational story of success, she captured an Olympic Gold medal and then became one of Hollywood’s most successful stuntwomen. If this sounds easy it was definitely anything but. Yet she prevailed against the odds by learning to take a step with courage to achieve each part of her dreams. Listening to her story convinces others that they too can overcome any obstacle. Dana now lives a quiet rural life with horses, dogs, chickens and goats in an area just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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