Simon Rhee is the Best of the Best

Why Simon Rhee is The Best of the Best!

Simon Rhee is the Best of the Best
Master Simon Rhee-Martial Artist, Movie Star, and Stuntman

October 28, 2019Master Simon Rhee is the Best of the Best.  November 2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of the martial arts classic film, “Best of the Best“. This is the most influential Taekwondo movie ever made. The film was the passion project of second generation Taekwondo practitioners, Phillip and Simon Rhee. Phillip Rhee’s 1980 representation of the United States’ Taekwondo Team against the South Korean team in the championships of the Asia Games formed the basis of his screenplay for the film.

Master Simon Rhee was the stunt coordinator and co-stars in the film. Rhee talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his childhood illness, his work on this historic film, and his work in almost 200 motion picture and television projects. Master Simon Rhee is one of the most prolific and highly regarded stunt people and action choreographers in the entertainment business.

He is also a true martial artist. He still devotes time from his busy schedule to teaching and running his legendary Dojang. Look for his upcoming projects in 2020 and beyond.

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  1. Very humble and a true martial artist!! and a true “Master” , Kind and loyal person!!
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