Legends Sport Taekwondo Seminar 2


January 13, 2020, (Queens, NY)Legends Sport Taekwondo Seminar Part 2 will take place in Whitestone, NY on Saturday January 19, 2020.  This seminar is the brain child of Master Joseph Lupo, Jr. and Coach Peter Bardatsos of the New York Black Belt Center. Coach Bardatsos is an 8x US National Team member, former Olympic Candidate, and former US National Team Coach.  

The seminar features 2012 US Olympic Bronze Medalist, Terrence Jennings.  Jennings was also a Bronze Medalist at the Pan Am Games and is the WCAP Team Coach. In this interview with Marc Zirogiannis, Coach Bardatsos and Master Lupo discuss the evolution of this important sparring seminar and how they are hoping to raise the level of US Taekwondo training for athletes throughout the country.  They discuss their Taekwondo lineage, their goals for their seminar, and their love of the greatest martial art in the world.

Find out about the future of the Legends Sport Taekwondo seminar and The NYBBC approach to cross training with other Dojangs in this exciting interview.

On a historical show note, this is the first episode featuring two guests simultaneously.

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