Movie Review- Master Joe Documentary

Movie Review- Master Joe Documentary
Movie Review- Master Joe Documentary

June 3, 2022 (Queens, NY)- Movie Review- Master Joe Documentary.  Tonight marked the premiere of The Sports Hit List‘s short documentary, Master Joe (2022)Master Joe is the story of the passionate, soft spoken, 2nd generation 6th Dan Taekwondo Master and owner of Bayside, NY’s New York Black Belt Center.

Master Lupo has been featured multiple times in Taekwondo Life Magazine, discussing his Legends Sparring Seminars.  He can also be seen at major tournaments coaching and sparring the USA Masters Sparring team.

Master Joe is more than just a documentary about a local Taekwondo Master and business man.  It is a deeply personal snapshot of a man that is passionate about his martial art and his legacy.

Legacy is clearly important to Master Lupo.  This film shares how the impact of Lupo, Sr., a Taekwondo Grandmaster, and student of Moon Sung Lee, molded Lupo, Jr. and is a through line today in his approach to teaching and to life.

While this is a film about a martial artist, it is more about how the martial arts can elevate an otherwise ordinary life into an extraordinary one.  I can’t imagine anyone who watches this film, martial artist, or otherwise, won’t be inspired by Master Joseph Lupo, Jr. and his message.

The film is the work of documentary filmmaker, Carl Coulanges, of Sports Hit List in Association with Jasmine Frederique of OTD Productions.  A launch party for the film was held earlier this evening at the NYBBC Dojang.

I recommend this movie highly.

You can find Master Joe on the Sports Hit List’s You Tube Channel.

-Review by Marc Zirogiannis

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