Dr. Sherri LaShomb

Dr. Sherri LaShomb-NCTA’s Medical Director

Dr. Sherri LaShomb
Dr. Sherri LaShomb

January 20, 2020– Dr. Sherri LaShomb is the NCTA‘s Medical Director.  She is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and a Certified Athletic Trainer.   Her training and passion for sports makes her uniquely qualified to work with high level, competitive athletes such as Team USA’s Taekwondo practitioners.

Dr. LaShomb talks with Marc Zirogiannis, Editor-in-Chief of Taekwondo Life Magazine, about her representation of the USA in such competitions as the Pan Am Games (2011, 2015), The World Taekwondo Championships (2015), The World Poomsae Championships (2015, 2017), The Summer Olympics (1996, 2016) and many other national and international events.

Dr. LaShomb has been named Athletic Trainer of the Year and USA Taekwondo’s Outstanding Medical Staff member.   She is part of the network of non-athlete professionals that help to keep Taekwondo athletes in top condition and free from injury.

Sherri LaShomb and the entire NCTA Board of Directors will be on site for the 2020 NCTA Taekwondo Nationals, held UC Berkeley on April 3-5, 2020.

To Hear Dr. Sherri LaShomb’s Interview with Marc Zirogiannis


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