2019 PFL MMA Fight Predictions


December 28, 2019–  The 2019 PFL MMA Championships are set for New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden.   $1 Million is on the line in each of the divisions.  Taekwondo Life Magazine has been covering the League as part of its Taekwondo in MMA series.   While the event is poised to offer an exciting night of fights, there can only be one winner in each division.   Here are Taekwondo Life Magazine’s predictions:

Women’s Lightweight

Kayla Harrison v. Larissa Pacheco

Prediction:  Kayla Harrison


Men’s Welterweight 

Ray Cooper III v. David Michaud

Prediction:  Ray Cooper III


Men’s Heavyweight

Jared Rosholt v. Ali Isaev

Prediction:  Jared Rosholt


Men’s Lightweight

Natan Schulte v. Loik Radzhabov

Prediction: Natan Schulte


Men’s Featherweight

Lance Palmer v. Alex Gilpin

Prediction:  Lance Palmer


Men’s Light Heavyweight

Jordan Johnson v. Emiliano Sordi

Prediction:  Emiliano Sordi


Fight of the Night:   Jordan Johnson v. Emiliano Sordi


To Hear the Complete PFLMMA Press Conference from Friday December 27, 2019:

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