ASA Founder, Master Chan Lee

Taekwondo Is a Gift with Master Chan Lee

Taekwondo is a Gift with Master Chan Lee
ASA Founder, Master Chan Lee

JK-LEE-LOGO-favicon-300x300-e1553791884619December 16, 2019Taekwondo is a Gift!.”  This is the essential message of Master Chan Lee, second generation Taekwondo practitioner, and 6th Dan Master.  Master Lee started the pursuit of martial arts at the age of 5 and he his been not only perfecting his technique, but also elevating the profession of Taekwondo Instruction ever since.  

After earning a degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin he assumed the leadership of his father, Grandmaster J.K. Lee’s, chain of successful Taekwondo Dojangs in the Wisconsin region.  Having been named one of Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 he has set out to become an invaluable resource for other martial arts instructors throughout the United States looking to increase the penetration of martial arts practitioners in the country from its current 3%. 

Master Lee discusses with Marc Zirogiannis his life, and his American Sabumnim Association, which  conducts an annual summit of Taekwondo leaders who engage in training, education and networking.

Chan Lee has embarked on a journey to teach how to make the running of a Taekwondo Dojang a serious profession.


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His Taekwondo Schools:                                               J.K. Lee Taekwondo Academy
American Sabumnim Association:                
Social Media:                                                                      @ChanLee


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