Cynthia Correa Nazario

Taekwondo in Your 20’s with Cynthia Correa Nazario

Cynthia Correa Nazario
Cynthia Correa Nazario (R)

December 30, 2019Cynthia Correa Nazario is the face of Taekwondo practitioners in their 20’s in the United States.  She is an accomplished Taekwondo black belt.  Ms. Nazario began training at her father’s Dojang in Queens, NY, New Beginning Taekwondo, at an early age.   She became a highly ranked National Sparring competitor and has earned numerous medals and accolades in local, National, and USA Taekwondo competitions.  She has continued to train and teach while maintaining an impressive 4.0 college grade point average in her pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications.  Like many practitioners in the United States Cynthia faces the tough challenges of training Taekwondo in her 20’s.

Cynthia talks to Marc Zirogiannis about the very real struggle of Taekwondo students in the college demographic to continue to meet the financial demands of high level competition while balancing the costs of education.  This is an important weakness that plagues the United States’ Taekwondo community.  This struggle to meet the burden of travel and competition has been a theme of our show.  We have discussed it on numerous episodes.  Ms. Nazario thoughtfully articulates the struggle in her personal narrative, and also tells us how practicing this beautiful art has helped her to always live her best Taekwondo Life.

It is our hope that this episode will help provide a realistic look at an area of the Taekwondo community in need of additional support.


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