2019 PFL MMA CHAMPIONSHIPS Are in the Books

Harrison V. PAccheco
Kayla Harrison (L) defeated Larissa Pacheco in 5 Rounds of Action

December 31, 2109-What an exciting night!.   The 2019 PFLMMAChampionships are in the history books and the fights more than met the build up.   As for Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Predictions We successfully predicted 5 of the 6 winners!

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Women’s Lightweight

Kayla Harrison v. Larissa Pacheco

Prediction:  Kayla Harrison

Men’s Welterweight 

Ray Cooper III v. David Michaud

Prediction:  Ray Cooper III

Men’s Heavyweight

Jared Rosholt v. Ali Isaev

Prediction:  Jared Rosholt

Men’s Lightweight

Natan Schulte v. Loik Radzhabov

Prediction: Natan Schulte

Men’s Featherweight

Lance Palmer v. Alex Gilpin

Prediction:  Lance Palmer

Men’s Light Heavyweight

Jordan Johnson v. Emiliano Sordi

Prediction:  Emiliano Sordi

Fight of the Night**:   Jordan Johnson v. Emiliano Sordi


**While we expected the Johnson v. Sordi fight to be the “Fight of the Night” our staff chose the Palmer v. Gilpin fight as the actual “Fight of the Night” on fight night.

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