NY Mets Superstar Pete Alonso

Taekwondo Rookie of the Year with MLB’s Pete Alonso

NY Mets Superstar Pete Alonso
NY Mets Superstar Pete Alonso

(December 09, 2019, Flushing NY)- Pete Alonso is the 2019 Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year.  He was also the 2019 MLB home run leader, the single-season leading home run leader by a NY Met, and the all time home run leader (53) in a rookie season in Major League Baseball history.  While these facts may be known to baseball fans around the globe, what is less known about Pete Alonso is his love for Taekwondo and his history with the martial art.  

Pete Alonso talks with host, Marc Zirogiannis, about his life and accomplishments on and off the baseball diamond.   The New Face of the NY Mets, Pete Alonso, discusses his passion for board-breaking and reveals his favorite martial arts movie star.  Pete Alonso, in his short career, has demonstrated the attributes of a true Taekwondo practitioner.  He has lived a life as a role model, exuding the virtues of  respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty.  Find our how The NY Mets‘ superstar is living his best Taekwondo Life.

Note:   September 4, 2019 marked International Taekwondo Day, a date established by the World Taekwondo Council.  Taekwondo Life Magazine and a large contingent of Masters, Instructors, and Students celebrated at Pete Alonso’s home field, Citifield in Flushing NY before the Mets faced off againsts their rival Philadephia Philly’s

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