Samery Moras Headshot

Common Kicking Mistakes With Samery Moras

Samery Moras Headshot
Samery Moras Headshot

December 02, 2019- Samery Moras is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and former US Team competitor. She is a 6-time US Collegiate National Champion and Team Member in Olympic-style Sparring.   She is also the owner of AMYS Martial Arts, which has two locations in Utah.  Samery recently wrote a great VLOG on Common Kicking Mistakes Taekwondo Practitioners Make which caught the attention of Taekwondo Life Magazine.

Samery has one of the largest Taekwondo channels on YouTube where she shares her passion of Taekwondo through tutorials, training tips, and Taekwondo vlogs. In 2018 she was selected by YouTube as a NextUp Creator and was invited to a week-long intensive creator camp.

In this interview with Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Marc Zirogiannis, she not only discusses her life and training but breaks down one of her instructional video blogs on “Common Kicking Mistakes Taekwondo Practitioners Make.”  Samery, in her own words, provides a look at the most common kicking mistakes practitioners can make and how to avoid them.   It is this kind of practical advise that has made her videos and social media platforms an international sensation.

This is a great look at Samery as a practitioner, athlete, and unconventional instructor of the world’s most beloved martial art.

To hear Samery’s Great Taekwondo Kicking Tips:

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