Gold Medal Martial Arts with Grandmaster Herb Perez

Grandmaster Herb Perez (c. 2019)

June 17, 2019- In 1987 Taekwondo competitor Herb Perez changed the modern Taekwondo landscape by becoming the 1st American to defeat a Korean athlete and become World Taekwondo Champion.  In 1992 he earned the distinction of becoming a US Olympic Gold medalist as Taekwondo was making its bid to become a fully recognized medal sport.  These are just a few of his amazing accomplishments, in and outside of the taekwondo arena.   Master Perez not only runs 5 successful Gold Medal Martial Arts Dojangs in California, but is also the Mayor of Foster City, California.

As well as gracing the covers of numerous martial arts and sports magazines, Grandmaster Perez was the subject of an earlier article in Taekwondo Life Magazine, by Master David C. Hayes, regarding his life, career, and public service.   He is truly a champion in every sense of the word.

In this episode of Taekwondo Life Magazine’s weekly Podcast Grandmaster Perez joins Marc Zirogiannis for a candid and thoughtful interview.  Do not miss this great conversation.  This episode has already been called, “The best in the Podcast series to date,” by members of the Taekwondo community.

To find out more about Grandmaster Perez and how he changed Taekwondo visit his Dojang website:  Gold Medal Martial Arts or his Social Media Accounts: Herb Perez

Herb Perez Gold Medal
Herb Perez-US Olympic Gold Medalist 1992

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