TKD For All! What is Para-Taekwondo?

Michael Sirota- a leader in the Para Taekwondo movement

June 24, 2019- Taekwondo for All” is the dream of 8th Dan Grandmaster Michael Sirota.   Grandmaster Sirota is the leading advocate and educator in the area of Para-Taekwondo.  Para-Taekwondo is a broad spectrum of Taekwondo for people, both adults and children, with special needs.   While many people around the world are just becoming familiar with this branch of the martial arts, Master Sirota has been breaking ground in it for decades.

Marc Zirogiannis, host of our Magazine’s Podcast, explores the development of Para-Taekwondo with Master Sirota in his personal teaching programs, as well as his work over the last 20 years globalizing the movement through his Global Para Taekwondo Consultancy,  and other platforms. 

In Master Sirota’s world there is a place for everyone to practice the art of Taekwondo.  It is clear that Master Sirota’s legacy is, in part, the demonstration that Taekwondo is more than a sport or a martial art.  He has demonstrated that the martial arts can be a force for the attainment of personal achievement and self-achievement.  Under Canada’s progressive healthcare system the government actually recognizes Master Sirota’s program as a therapeutic program for people with disabilities.  This is a crowning professional achievement and speaks volumes about Grandmaster Sirota, his program, and the benefits of this great art.

Master Sirota has also embarked on a path to certify instructors around the world, through an online program, in order to spread his deeply held belief that every individual can benefit from the practice of this  beautiful art.

You can find out more about Para-Taekwondo, or learn about Grandmaster Sirota’s online Instructor certification course for instructors at:


Please see some of the highlights of Master Sirota’s work in this video for his Global Para-Taekwondo University:


Here is a Canadian Public Service Announcement featuring Master Sirota’s work in the treating people with Disabilities.

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