Dana Hee's One Step With Courage

Dana Hee’s One Step With Courage

Dana Hee's One Step With Courage
Dana Hee’s One Step With Courage
Dan Hee (C) With the 1988 US Women's TKD Team
Dan Hee (C) With the 1988 US Women’s TKD Team

March 15, 2021 (New Mexico)- “Dana Hee’s One Step With Courage.  Marc Zirogiannis interviews 1988 Olympic Taekwondo Gold medalist, Dana Hee. Dana Hee is a Taekwondo practitioner, 1988 US Gold Medal Taekwondo Olympian, Stuntperson, actress, and motivational speaker.

Abandoned, kidnapped and abused as a child, Dana Hee grew to be a young woman with no self-confidence or self-esteem. She even ended up on the streets all alone. Yet, in an inspirational story of success, she captured an Olympic Gold medal and then became one of Hollywood’s most successful stuntwomen. She chronicles her life journey in her new book, One Step with Courage: The Story of My Life From Olympic Gold Medalist to Hollywood Stuntwoman. She joins Marc Zirogiannis for a talk about how her approach of taking “one step with courage” helped her to overcome a challenging childhood and great adversity in order to stand on top the Olympic podium crowned, among the 1st women, ever to win a Gold medal in Taekwondo for the United States.

Dana is a remarkable and inspiring woman.

Grandmaster YH Park with Dana's Book
Grandmaster YH Park with Dana’s Book

In 1988, when Dana Hee won her Gold Medal, she was coached by YH Park, the United States Olympic Taekwondo Coach and Grandmaster. Coach Park was among the 1st class of US Olympic coaches, and is also the longtime Grandmaster of Taekwondo Life Magazine Editor and Host, Marc Zirogiannis.

Dana was also a stunt performer in the original Mortal Kombat (1995) film series, which is being re-booted and re-released in a new form in 2021.

All Taekwondo athletes should hear Dana’s message of approaching life’s most difficult challenge’s by taking the “first step with courage“.


1988 US Taekwondo Gold Medal Winners:
Lynette Love
Arleme Limas
Dana Hee
Jimmy Young Kim

To hear Dana Hee, in her own words:

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