Dave Young Talks with Taekwondo Life

July 20, 2020 (Fayetteville, NC) Dave Young joins Marc Zirogiannis for a talk about the newly released “Dave Young Issue (July/August 2020)” of Taekwondo Life Magazine, his book, self-defense training, and working with Taekwondo Dojangs in the Pandemic.  Dave offers some great insight into strategies to modify instructional delivery mechanisms from “in-person” to “online” during the course of the current medical crisis, and beyond.

Dave Young is an internationally recognized personal safety and defensive tactics expert who is a long-standing member of the Taekwondo Life Magazine Board of Directors and sits on several professional boards and panels. He is Founder and Director of Arma Training and US Fighting Systems, and a Co-Founder of Vistelar.

Dave is the author of the book, How To Defend Your Family and Home (2019), and edged weapons designer who travels both domestically and internationally to train others, including Taekwondo Masters, Instructors, and Students. 

He has been a valuable supplier of content for the magazine since 2016.  Dave’s regular written contributions to Taekwondo Life Magazine have been lauded for their useful and substantive content.  Magazine readers have praised the practical and important content on an ongoing basis.

Dave Young is a pioneer in modern practical self-defense solutions. His new book offers the right medicine to remedy our natural fears. Read this book slowly, then read it again. Your life just might depend on it.”

―ROY BEDARD, M.Sc., police trainer and president at RRB Systems International, former Team USA member in karate



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