Thekla Hutyrova Talks Taekwondo, Tricks & Marvel Stunts

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Thekla Hutyrova Talks Taekwondo, Tricks & Marvel Stunts

July 6, 2020 (Sedona, AZ)Thekla Hutyrova Talks Taekwondo, Tricks and Marvel Stunts with Marc Zirogiannis on this episode of Taekwondo Life Magazine Live.  Thekla is a Taekwondo trained martial artist, stunt person, and professional martial arts tricking specialist.  Her innate talent and hard work lead her from the traditional martial arts to demonstrations and into the world of extreme martial arts and specialized “tricking”.   Tricking combines martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and more.

Thekla’s dexterity and high level martial arts abilities lead her to become a stunt person, having performed in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Deadpool 2, and more.  She is also a star of the unusual world of video game motion capture star, having lent her skills to a number of famous video games. 

Thekla provides a look at her  journey and offers her opinion on the value of martial arts training for people in society.  In addition to being a star, Thekla is a gifted instructor, master of weaponry, and, as this interview will convey, a kind and thoughtful human being.  She is someone to watch.

We came across Thekla in an episode of Martial Artist, Amy Johnston’s YouTube Channel, and we could detect, instantly, that she had a Taekwondo background. That discovery led to the interview.  Below is Amy Johnston’s really fun episode, featuring Thekla and Scott Adkins Co-Star, Amy Johnston.

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