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Phil Pierce China
Phil Pierce is a Master of Mental Combat

June 29, 2020 (United Kingdom)- Phil Pierce is a Master of Mental Combat.  After surviving a vicious attack he began to train in Taekwondo as a means of self-defense and self-development.  He began the study of Kung-Fu and began a journey traveling the world and studying the martial arts.  He trained extensively in China, Thailand, the United States, as well as his home country of the United Kingdom.   Phil gained an authentic mixed martial arts experience unlike most practitioners in the western world.   He earned the prestigious and rare “Black Sash” instructor rank in his style of Kung-Fu while abroad.

Phil has become a prolific author of books on the martial arts’ as well as practical self-defense, including the highly popular, Mental Combat: The Sports Psychology Secrets You Can Use to Dominate Any Event! 

He is a Martial Artist, a Fitness Coach, Instructor, and writer.  He talks with Marc Zirogiannis during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic about his journey and good fortune  to have first hand experience training with leading authorities including world champions, Chinese masters and stars of film and TV.

Phil is a deadly but humble man and martial artist who understands the practical applications and mental discipline required for real self-defense.

Mental Combat

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