Program Announcement-Talking With Kids About School Safety

May 27, 2022 (Levittown, NY)Program Announcement-Talking With Kids About School Safety.  Taekwondo Life Magazine is partnering with Dave Young, Co-Founder of Vistelar, Author, Weapons Designer, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant for a program entitled:

“How to Talk to Kids About School Safety”


In preparation for this program we asking for YOUR QUESTIONS.

  • What questions do you want answered about talking to kids about School Safety?
  • Is it safe to send your kids to School?
  • Should Parents talk to their kids about incidents involving School Safety from news events?
  • How to identify a potential threat?
  • Should Schools conduct Active Shooter Safety Drills?
  • What questions should parents ask their school administrators to assess School safety?

Once we have gathered some meaningful questions we will schedule the episode, Program Announcement-Talking With Kids About School Safety, and post widely.

You may email your questions to: or Direct Message us on our Social Media

Thank you for your support.  We are trying to use our platform to provide a meaningful channel for positive communication.

Marc Zirogiannis is the Editor in Chief of Taekwondo Life Magazine.

Dave Young is the author of How to Defend Your Family and Home: Outsmart an Invader, Secure Your Home, Prevent a Burglary and Protect Your Loved Ones from Any Threat

Dave Young Talks With Taekwondo Life

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