Cyber Fighter's William Joseph Hill

William Joseph Hill’s Cyber Fighter Release

Cyber Fighter's William Joseph Hill
Cyber Fighter’s William Joseph Hill

William Joseph Hill is a martial artist, actor, producer, and the author of the new sci-fi, martial arts novel, Cyber Fighter.  Hill talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his new release, the first book in an exciting trilogy.  He is a multi-talented and driven individual that grew up in Hawaii and whose life journey in the martial arts and entertainment have converged in the development of this exciting project.  Find out about how The Karate Kid and Enter The Dragon influenced his martial arts journey, as well as how he nearly became a Taekwondo practitioner.

Hill also discusses his recent comedic You Tube video series, That Darn Girlfriend.

William Joseph Hill is more than just an ambitious martial artist.   He is a determined multi-media entrepreneur.  Whether it is in the field of movies, television, the internet, or the written word, we can expect more exciting projects from him in the near future.

What People Are Saying About Cyber Fighter:

Cyber Fighter is a fun and engaging read…Multiple strands and characters -as well as many pop culture and martial arts references- are skillfully woven together to propel the story lines and the evolution of the main character Brian Baldwin.” – Debra R. – Goodreads Reviewer – 5 stars

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Cyber Fighter on Amazon
Cyber Fighter on Amazon

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