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April  7, 2020 (NYC)- I never met a martial artist that didn’t like Chuck Norris movies.   Chuck Norris represents the bridge between the low budget “Shaw Brothers” and “Golden Harvest” Asian, martial arts films of the 60’s and 70’s and the high budget action films of today.  The latter group includes films like The Matrix, John Wick, and Ip Man.

Here are 5 Chuck Norris Films to get acquainted, or re-acquainted, with during this time when so many of us are home and our entertainment consumption level is up.

Way of the Dragon5.  Way of the Dragon (1972)-  This Hong Kong produced Bruce Lee film marks Chuck’s film debut.  While it is not a Chuck Norris film, per se, it is a piece of martial arts film history.  The 10 minute screen battle between Norris and Lee was said to have been a truly spirited brawl that makes the film worth seeing.  This is also known as “Return of the Dragon

4.  Good Guys Wear Black (1978)- This was Norris’ breakthrough casting in a lead role. Good Guys Wear BlackNorris plays a former US Intelligence officer investigating the murders of members of his  Vietnam War platoon.  This film solidified Norris and the genre as viable, marketable Hollywood assets as the film made considerable money for the studio at the box office the year it was released.


Force of One3.  A Force of One (1979)-  This film has Norris, a kickboxer, going undercover to help the police department route out a serial killer.   Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, previously interviewed by Taekwondo Life Magazine, appears in the film.  The action, the fighting, and the presence of these two, modern martial arts legends make this one really fun to watch.  The final fight scene is one of my favorites.

2.  Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)-  Watching Chuck Norris Lone Wolf McQuadepitted against Kung Fu’s David Carradine makes this one a must watch.   The film also marks an elevation of Norris from a martial arts action star to an action and drama leading man.  His performance as a Texas Ranger was compared to Clint Eastwood and opened the door to other roles, including a long running television show as another Texas Ranger.

p861_v_v8_aa1. The Octogan (1980)-  This is far and away the best Chuck Norris film of all time.   Norris is on a mission to stop a group of Ninja trained terrorists lead by his half-brother, played by Tadashi Yamashita.  Great fighting, filled with action, and the presence of Lee Van Cleef, one the 20th Century’s best character actors makes this one worth the time.  I hadn’t seen this in more than 30 years and it still held up.

You can not go wrong with any of the movies on this list.  If you like these there are 25 other films in the Chuck Norris filmography you can get acquainted with.

Disagree with my list?   Have other recommendations?   I would love to hear from you.

-Marc Zirogiannis, Editor-in-Chief

2 thoughts on “At Home with Chuck Norris

  1. Great selections, and thankyou for your continued info, articles etc. A great read authored by Chuck Norris, “Against All Odds” was most excellent even after the 2nd read 🙂.

  2. Came across this article strictly by accident and I enjoyed and agreed with your selection of the 5 Best Chuck Norris movies and your reasons why you picked those. Good article.
    As a female, close to the same age as Chuck Norris no other woman that I knew had any real interest in “Chuck Norris” movies, it was not their “thing”
    But , in the 70’s I married a European man and he had a broad international taste in movies, and one day we went to see the first Chuck Norris movie and while it was not the greatest script writing or serious Oscar winning acting, we enjoyed Chuck’s martial arts skills and quiet no nonsense manner. And went to see many other Norris movies.
    Unlike some stars like Steven Seagal, Chuck comes across as the “real deal”

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