Listening to the Masters with Ronnie Malina

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Ronnie Malina is a 5th Degree Black Belt and 17 year law enforcement officer in Rosenberg, Texas.  He is also the author of a Listening to the Masters: Insight, Knowledge, and Wisdom From Today’s Martial Arts Masters (2019).   Ronnie talks with host, Marc Zirogiannis, about his childhood drive to train in the martial arts, his martial arts journey, and his heartfelt desire to honor his teacher, master, and mentor, Grandmaster Ralph Jaschke

The result of this passion project was Listening to the Masters, a compilation of lessons from a cross section of martial arts masters and respected practitioners of different styles.   

This conversation is a great compliment to Master Malina’s important work and a offers a compelling behind the scenes look at his process in creating this memorial piece of martial arts history.

Listening to the Masters


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