Rank and Responsibility with Grandmaster Sung C. Kim

Newly Earned 8th Dan Grandmaster, Sung C. Kim

July 15, 2019– What does it take to become a Kukkiwon certified 8th Dan Black Belt?   Grandmaster Sung C. Kim is the  youngest Grandmaster in the United States, and one of the youngest in the world.  He provides a detailed look at the testing process, the preparation needed to get ready for this intensive experience, as well as the responsibility associated with holding such a prestigious rank in this thoughtful interview with Marc Zirogiannis.

Grandmaster Kim is an esteemed Taekwondo Leader and the owner of Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute, having 3 locations in the Rochester NY area.  He provides some meaningful insight into the role individual practitioners, Instructors, and Masters can play in  forging positive and meaningful results for students and for society in general.

Grandmaster Sung C. Kim is steeped in traditional ways and values, but he is also the future of Taekwondo in the world.  He is part of the new generation of Taekwondo masters.  He is continuing the traditions and legacies of men like his Grandmaster father.  Simultaneously, he is a using technology to reach practitioners around the world. 

Find out how he is helping people life their best Taekwondo Life. 

You can find out more about Master Kim’s Taekwondo: https://masterkims.com

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