Alex “The Spartan’s” $1 Million Dollar Destiny

Alex Nicholson is looking to Achieve the $1 Million PFL Championship

July 8, 2019–  Alex “The Spartan” Nicholsonis a Taekwondo trained Mixed Martial Artist.  He is currently in hot pursuit of the $1 million Heavyweight purse in the 2019 Professional Fighter’s League season.  While suffering a close loss in his last fight, his dream of the championship is still very much alive.

Following Alex’s split decision in PFL3 on Long Island, covered by Taekwondo Life Magazine, he talked to host Marc Zirogiannis about his nickname, his Taekwondo roots, his evolution as a fighter in the UFC and PFL, his family and life.  Alex is a true warrior.

TRUE STORY– during the course of Marc Zirogiannis’ interview with Alex he stepped on a roofing nail, yet he choose to continue the interview- unfazed.

The next stage in Alex’s quest will take place on August 8, 2019 in Atlantic City at PFL6.

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