The Mayweather-Paul Wrap Up Show

The Mayweather-Paul Wrap Up Show!

The Mayweather-Paul Wrap Up Show
The Mayweather-Paul Wrap Up Show

June 14, 2021 (Las Vegas,NV)-The Mayweather-Paul Wrap Up Show.  Taekwondo Life Magazine has been covering every step of the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul Exhibition fight since it was announced last year. We brought to the attention of the world how Fanmio had postponed the fight, without a new date, and continued to take fan money.  We were instrumental in pressing Fanmio to stop selling tickets without a new date set.

On Sunday June 6th the fight did happen and this episode provides a wrap up of the actual event. For those that are unaware, Showtime Sports stepped in and seems to have saved this event. On the eve of the fight Logan Paul stood 7 inches taller, 55 lbs heavier, and 18 years junior to Mayweather; Mayweather is the winningest fighter of all time. How did that play out in real time.

Check out this episode for the truth on the event and what occurred. For the entire history of the event check out our prior videos in the series.

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