Kyosanim Aptekar is Running For Your Life

Kyosanim Aptekar is Running For Your Life
Kyosanim Aptekar is Running For Your Life
Kyosanim Aptekar performs Sipjin

May 3, 2021 (NYC)Kyosanim Aptekar is Running For Your Life. Kyosanim Jason Aptekar joins Editor and host, Marc Zirogiannis, to discuss his commitment to service and its relationship to the principles of Taekwondo.

Jason is a long time Taekwondo practitioner and competitor.   He is a Kyosanim at the YH Park Taekwondo Academy of Levittown, NY.  

Jason has embarked on a mission to raise funds for some worthy causes.  Sunday May 2, 2021 was Jason’s first Challenge of 2021 – a virtual Half Marathon for The Flying Pig Marathon of Cincinnati. Raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is just one of the challenges in Jason’s Year of Challenge and Service in Tribute to the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and the Ongoing Fight Against Cancer!!! Jason is asking you to Donate, contact FIVE friends, and ask each to donate and tell another five friends.

 We are a community stronger together!

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Jason’s Team-IN-Training ‘WHY’ (…

Statement from Kyosanim Aptekar: “On May 2 I run my first Fundraising Challenge of the 2021 year in TRIBUTE to the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and to RAISE AWARENESS about Cancer and the work that LLS is doing to fight it. Please…. 1. Donate $100+ 2. Get 2 more people to donate 3. Tell everyone you know what I am doing get REALLY helpful and 4.

Join My Team Thrive for this Year of Service Jason’s Team-IN-Training ‘WHY’ (

Welcome to Team Thrive (

Thank you! J”

Grandmaster YH Park (L) with Kyosanim Aptekar
Host, Marc Zirogiannis (R), with Kyosanim Aptekar




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