How The Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System Can Help Dojang Owners Be Safe

June 5, 2020 (NYC)– Taekwondo practitioners and Dojang owners all over the world are planning to ease back into re-opening their Dojangs after the COVID-19 pandemic.  Health and safety has been the topic of discussion around the industry.  What can Dojang owners do to mitigate against the risk of illness for students, families, and staff.  Dr. Paul Ledesama may have the solution.

Dr. Paul Ledesma joined Taekwondo Life Magazine for a discussion of the Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing Solution for your Taekwondo Dojang. This sanitization delivery mechanism, derived from Ron Laikind’s The Extreme Mist Portable Cooling System, may be the convenient, efficient, and effective solution to addressing sterilization and sanitation in the COVID-19 era. This device is being used in Dojangs, Gyms, and Fitness facilities around the country as a way to insure athletes, parents, and club members that their Dojang owner cares about their health and safety.

This is a simple, Lightweight Delivery Mechanism

The device works with any of the EPA and CDC’s recommended sanitation solutions.  That complete list can be found here:

Dr. Ledesma, a martial artist in his own right, earned his doctorate in  podiatric medicine (DPM) as well as a masters in biomedical sciences at Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences in Miami Shores, Florida.  He was then accepted to complete a 3 year surgical residency at Harvard affiliated Cambridge Hospital, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Here he obtained advanced surgical training in the areas of adult and pediatric flatfoot reconstruction, diabetic charcot and limb salvage and external fixation.  Following graduation, he began working in private practice just outside of Boston focusing on sports medicine and related injuries.  

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT but an interview explaining, demonstrating, and answering questions about the system.

To find out more out more about the system you can visit:

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