What is the Kukkiwon? Episode 56

What is the Kukkiwon?
What is the Kukkiwon?

March 23, 2020 (NYC)-What is the Kukkiwon?  The World Taekwondo Headquarter’s flag hangs in Taekwondo Dojangs in almost 200 countries around the globe.  While Taekwondo practitioners all over the world have heard and seen the name, Kukkiwon, how many understand what the Kukkiwon is? 

In this episode, Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and host, Marc Zirogiannis, explores the history of the Kukkiwon.   What are its origins.  What is the history of the Kukkiwon? How was it started?  What is the relationship of the Kukkiwon to the ITF, to World Taekwondo, and to the USAT?  What is this modern institution’s role in curriculum development? These questions and more are explored in this episode.  For Taekwondo practitioners under the authority of the Kukkiwon, all over the world, this episode provides some perspective and guidance about the value of their Kukkiwon issued Dan certificates.

This episode is part of our ongoing series covering the institutions and history of Taekwondo.


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