The “Why I Quit Taekwondo” Controversy

Why I Quit Taekwondo Controversy
Why I Quit Taekwondo Controversy -Sensei Ando

March 16, 2020Why I Quit Taekwondo” was a video uploaded to YouTube by Sensei Andrew “Ando” Mierzwa in December, 2019.  This video, generating over 300,000 views, amassed a lot of discussion and controversy over the content, or perhaps, over the title.  Does Sensei Ando hate Taekwondo?  Is Sensei Ando a real martial artist? Why did Sensei Ando publish this video?  Marc Zirogiannis,  Taekwondo Life Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, decided that rather than talk about this video and its meaning to talk directly to the man and the martial artist. 

In a revealing interview with Taekwondo Life Magazine Sensei Ando answers these questions and more.  Sensei Ando, despite the controversy, reveals himself to be a real martial artist in pursuit of helping people achieve their maximum potential through his “Happy Life Martial Arts” platform.

Find out what the “Why I Quit Taekwondo” controversy was all all about directly from the man who created it.  Hear Senei Ando’s thoughts on the current state of martial arts and his relationship with the Taekwondo community.

Note:  I always like to be transparent.   I contacted Sensei Ando to discuss his video with our audience and he agreed with no qualifications, or pre-conditions, about what we talked about and he did not ask to know the questions in advance of the interview.

To hear Sensei Ando’s Discussion with Taekwondo Life:

To find out more about Sensei Ando:

His main website:

His podcast is Fight for a Happy Life.



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