Team-M is a World Class

Team-M's Alvin Jong (Far Right)
Team-M’s Alvin Jong (Far Right)
October 21, 2019- Team-M is a world class Taekwondo demonstration team that started in San Jose, CA in 2004. They started out as a small group of athletes in a garage dojang.  Since their inception they have become an international sensation, participating in over 300 events worldwide. Team-M was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame in 2007.  The late, Grandmaster John Rhee, father of Taekwondo in the U.S., personally complimented Team-M for a job well done at our New Jersey performance.  Team Captain and World Poomsae Championship Gold Medalist, Alvin Jong, spoke to Marc Zirogiannis about the Team’s history, its mission, and its future.   This episode provides a great inside look at the work, sacrifice and passion required to become an elite level Demonstration Team.

Team-M is not only a world class Demo team but a favorite subject of Taekwondo Life Magazine.  We have featured them in several magazine articles, photo spreads, and website features.   In 2016 we featured their run for the Gold at the 10th World Pommsae Championships.

To hear Captain Alvin Jong’s talk with Taekwondo Life Magazine:

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Team-M is World Class

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